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Fraunces Tavern

Colonial American Tavern operating since 1762. Open seven days a week from 11AM-2AM serving lunch and dinner on weekdays, and serving brunch and dinner on weekends.
Offering over 200 whiskeys, 130 craft beers and ciders, and a handful of signature and classic cocktails.

The home of great food, craft beer and liquor in one of New York’s most historic and unique locations, boasting 8 amazing party rooms for events of all sizes!

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The Porterhouse Brewing Company

In 1996 we opened The Porterhouse in Temple Bar, putting in Ireland’s first brew pub. Sometimes you feel like a pioneer but remember, pioneers got shot by the Indians and the settlers took their land. Thus, there we were, in a land rich in culture of drinking but totally dominated by large global drinks companies. Nobody thought we had a chance – least of all our accountants. But that was then and this is now./p>
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